Update:  Her name is Laurie Shamar!  Her parents are working to exercise her injured, right arm and she is moving it a little.  Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Prayer Request


Please pray for our pharmacy chief Loremond(far right),  his wife (left) and his new baby girl.  She was born this past Monday and doesn’t seem to have much movement in one of her arms.  They think that this is the result of a problem with the umbilical cord during delivery.


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  1. We certainly will pray for the little one.  My Dad’s armed was damaged at birth.  He felt it was from God to remind him that althought he wasn’t touched on the hip – he was on the shoulder, by God himself.  That thought always made a little jealous of hid imfirmity.
    I shared your love with Sandy Line and the Kids.  Sandy is Sandy – a rock most of the time. She was so happy to hear from you.  Her personal address is SBLret02@aol.com.
    thanks for all your prayer support.

  2. I will pray for that family and for yours.  I look forward to the future, I just don’t want it to come so soon because that would mean that it’s going to be gone soon too.  I guess that that isn’ta very good way of looking at it because then I won’t enjoy what is happening in the present.  Also, I don’t think that you can put an age limit on “middle aged”.  It depends on the person.  My grandparents aren’t even middle-aged yet! haha.  Well I hope all is well with you and your family.
    God Bless

  3. Praying for Loremond’s baby.  Bless them all.
    RYC:  Pass me not, O loving Savior, hear my humble cry (that’s more of a call, but will it work?)  More later…

  4. Beneath the Cross of Jesus (verse 2)
    I Bring My Heart To Jesus (verse 1)
    When We Walk With the Lord/Trust and Obey (verse 2)
    Down at the Cross (verse 1)
    I’ve Wandered Far (verse 2)  – I don’t know this one, I confess

  5. i will sure be praying for the new little one..they are so precious and need special care…
    thank you for stopping by my site..i am glad mathew had a fun time visiting as well lol…we might be driving to new york this summer and we have a huge traditional nigerian wedding to go to in november in flordia so we should have some fun there…talk to you soon

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