Major Milestone!

marked a major milestone for me, my birthday.  I would have liked to have taken the day off
but duty called. I did get up early, had my devotions in our roof top
garden, and,
after dropping Matthew off for school, met
up with a friend to go walking in the countryside for 30 minutes. 

Typical Haitian countryside in FDN

Mayotte cooked grilled beef, cheesy scalloped potatoes (amazing how
cheesy the package from the mac & cheese box can be) and salad.  We
put the cake together together (is that proper English? )
and Felix, Matthew and I had a family dinner together.  My brother
called and, after trying his French out on me, managed to sing “Happy
Birthday” to me before we got cut off .  Then, as I was trying
to blow out my candles, my parents called, sang “Happy Birthday” and
the line went dead again.  I guess they got the most important part
said.  Kind of hard to celebrate the way I would have liked with no
fancy restaurants, movie theaters or nice hotels around but what’s most
important anyway???  Health, Family and the Lord.  I am blessed with
all three.  PTL!

These are some SHORT clips (Felix thought he was taking pictures instead of videos).  I like the one with me on the phone listening to my mom singing while I’m trying to blow out the candles before they set the cake on fire!  LOL!



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  1. Happy birthday! I’m so glad you were able to spend such a wonderful time with your family, and that you were able to hear from your family, even if it was just for a few moments!

  2. Thank you so much for your prayers and comments! Dad was a great prayer warrior and we are so grateful for all of the prayer support we are getting!

  3. RYC: Just sounded like something Bob would do. I miss them – we were at Northbrook when they were, then they were off to Chicago and we left for San Francisco. I think I knew Rae had some Spanish skills

  4. Happy Brithday Late – I hope it was a great one! I’ll have to check ticket prices for that beach offer _ although I know it’d be worth every penny I spent _ I really miss the people of Haiti and their amazing Faith – maybe I need to vacation down there —I’ll let you know! Thanks for all your updates – it’s wonderful to be able to read about an area we spent time in while we were down! Blessings!

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