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  1. lol Yeah, I guess you dont play April Fool jokes on your family any more.. Love the pictures

  2. I understand.  My oldest son(though he hasnt donethis in a while now) use to call me on the phone and say; I have a bad news; I have been in a bad accident. He doesnt realize that that kind of news; Is NO joke and thus its more upsetting then funny. He then of course; Naw I am joking. Have a good week.

  3. Had to laugh at your last line:  priorities.  I am glad that hats are not required much (if ever) here.  But I didn’t think about it helping with shade!  Finally a good reason to wear a hat!  Also, it must be cultural.  That’s another good reason.  Still, I’m glad it’s not required here.  Now, if we could only move to uniform pant suits.  I sooooo dislike pantyhose.  UGH!

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