I was thinking of you all and I thought I would send you a few photos from
our trip to the beach for Matthew’s upcoming 5th birthday on Monday.  Going to
the beach for our birthdays is almost becoming a tradition (what else is there
to do in this area anyway??).  We’ve gone with just a few friends to a whole
truck full of kids from the SA children’s home here.  This time I thought I
would invite some of the SA officers in the area who have children about
Matthew’s age.  When we go out to the various corps on Sundays, Matthew really
enjoys playing with the children after the meeting.  So I thought it would be
good to get them together. 

Although the plans came together at the last minute and one of
the families wasn’t able to come due to an illness in the family, it came off
pretty well.  There ended up being 16 of us all total, 7 adults and 9 children (17 yr
– 6 mths).  We brought food, graciously prepared by Mayotte and Mrs. Capt. St.
Jean, and cake, but no candles.  We will do that Monday at home (along with the
gifts since I didn’t want Matthew getting gifts in front of the other kids and
it wouldn’t work too well opening gifts at the beach).  The water was wonderful
and so was the companionship.  The kids had a GREAT time playing together and we
adults had fun too. 

The most disappointing part of the trip was that at the last
minute, Felix wasn’t able to come.  Boo Hoo!    We received a
phone call on Friday afternoon telling us that a team was coming Saturday to
install a major upgrade to our communication system here at the clinic.  They
were supposed to arrive at 7 am and we had hopes that they would be done by
10:30 when we were scheduled to head out.  Instead, it was about 10:30 when they
arrived!  Since they needed access to all the offices and would be doing
drilling and other work on the building, Felix had to stay and guide their
work.  He made arrangements with the clinic driver to take us since my license
expired on my birthday and I’m still waiting for it to be returned from the
licensing agency.  Hopefully that will be soon.

They still haven’t finished the installation and will be at it
again tomorrow.  It will provide us with interoffice communication which we
don’t currently have (except by calling each other on our cell phones) and will
enable us to network the clinic computers.  We also are pretty sure that they
will be providing us with more computers, too.  All this, thanks to the US Center for Disease Control!  And we
were chosen because they consider Bethel Clinic to be a “center of
excellence”… little Bethel Clinic.  Who would have believed it?  To God be the

I hope you enjoy the photos.  There will probably be more on

1: Mrs. Capt Blanc holding Matthew with her daughter, her
husband is to the left with one of their sons.  Mayotte’s two daughters, Jocelyn
and Daniella are on either side of Mrs. Blanc.

2: Matthew with his good friend Daniella and the other

3:  Most of the group gathered before we left

4:  Typical Haitian fishing boats.  The fishermen were mending
their nets by hand but I didn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable by taking
their photo.


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  1. Happy 5th birthday to Matthew.  I have 2 grandchildren that are 5.  Love 5 year olds.  Greetings to Mom and Dad too from Minnesota.  The beach looks sooooooooo inviting.

  2. As always, beautiful pictures,  beautiful people.  Matthew looks like he was having lots of fun.  How wonderful to be consider a “center of excellence”!  Happy for you and proud of you.  Keep the pics and videos coming!  Love it!  I like your profile picture, too.  Are you required to wear your hat?

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