Matthew’s 5th Birthday

                       Matthew’s first picture ’02

Here are the shots from Matthew’s BD yesterday.  We took pictures
in the delivery room with the nurse who delivered Matthew and saved his life. 

Then, in keeping with my “Family” tradition, I arranged for a little horseback
riding for him.  As you can see, he wasn’t too keen on the idea at first but by
the end he
was on his own and asking for more. 

Then, he helped me make a brownie cake (kind of like Leslie’s Gooey Chocolate Cake), we opened cards and gifts, sang “Happy Birthday” and had cake and cold milk. 

He got wonderful Spiderman PJ’s handmade by his Grandmommy and I got a matching Spiderman apron.  WooHoo!  He also got a new monster wheel Ford truck.

Felix had to go to PAP during the day so missed out on the horseback riding but got
home in time for cake, candles, cards and cadeaux (gifts…for the sake of

Thanks for the cards and well wishes.  We even got a little “ice cream” money from a favorite aunt.  Now if we only had a way to get ice cream out here in FDN (3 hours
from PAP).  I tried making some with an ice cream maker my cousin gave me but it never really froze.  Don’t know if I needed more salt and ice.  The closest we get here is making banana milkshakes using frozen bananas with milk, sugar and vanilla in the blender.  Yum


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  1. Happy Birthday to Matthew!!I’d like to see if you’d mind for me to send Matthew post cards from the different states I stop in on my future journeys. He doesn’t know me but I thought maybe it would be interesting for him. Let me know one way or the other.Jolinda

  2. Very cool pictures – looks fun!  Happy, happy birthday, Matthew!  RYC:  Hard to believe people make such a big deal about hats, shoes, etc.  I’m so glad the hat days are over here.  I have to say, though, that I’m surprised that you would encounter that, too.  I thought it was just something in the states.

  3. How wonderful! What a Happy Birthday; pure joy!
    I’m afraid I have no clue how to get baby oil off a tile floor….something would have to practically absorb it. 

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