Like “I know a new “Knock Knock” Joke…You start… “

Matthew and I have been sitting together at the computer reading blogs and watching clips on that we just discovered.  Every now and again he would say, “Mom, you’ve got to put a movie in for me!”  Seeing that that didn’t work, he just said, “Mom, say, ‘I’ve got an idea!'”  When I started to say it, I realized I don’t know what idea I have.  So I asked him, “What idea do I have?”  “Well, to put in a movie for me, of course!”  And what movie, you ask?  CARS, OF COURSE. Gotta love ‘m. 


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  1. Cute, cute, cute!  RYC:  Before there was footprints, you could copy and paste the code for xtracker, which pretty much does what footprints does, except that you could find out if they had other xanga names, I think and you can block them.  Footprints is just as good though.  The nice thing is that xtracker shows up on your xanga front page you can see straightaway who has been to your site.  But like I said, I think mine is stuck on about a week ago and is not showing current visitors to my site.

  2. RYC: The book has been interesting – I forget sometimes what a “club” being a Christian can be… and a Christian in the Army can be extra club-like sometimes. Man, I’ve always wanted to be in the club with the cool kids. This particular author became a Christian as an adult – so he’s accutely aware of the churchy words we use and other messages the Christian body sends to non-Christians and new Christians.

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