Tomorrow is Mother’s Day here in Haiti.  We will be in Duverger, a
nearby corps where I’m scheduled to preach.  I’m trying to put together
my thoughts on a message on Hannah and her prayers for a son, her
promise to give him up to the Lord’s work and how God provided her with
five more children (three boys and two girls, like my brother Bob and his wife Rae) as a
blessing far beyond what she asked for….Hey, as I type this, it
sounds like a pretty good outline..and the alliteration even holds up in
French: Prière, Promesse, Provision. .. 
  It is always a challenge to preach in Creole.  Alliterations don’t usually work, illustrations have to be put into cultural context, etc.  But  God transcends all of our limitations.  Hallelujah!

They were having a special at the phone company on cell phones and there was quite a line.  And I don’t think every body was buying phones for their moms.  We got replacements for two phones that had been stolen and took one to Maj. Emmi (one of the one’s that were stolen).  It amazes me that someone would steal from a woman who has dedicated her life to serve the needy here in Haiti.  It just goes to show you that there just ain’t no respect!

Next blog on how we celebrated our anniversary last weekend.

Congratulations to all those who are graduating!  God’s best for  your future.


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  1. Hey, the girls told me you sent them a schedule for the summer.  Can you send a copy to me too?  I’d love to ‘follow them around’ and keep my prayers specific.

  2. Great sermon topic – and yes, it feels like a bad sunburn and then some lol!  Thank goodness it came from my thigh!  Take care!  Love and blessings to you!  ~Kathy

  3. greetings violet.     It was good to hear from you.   Thanks for finding me and yes I’m on my way to Africa in another week.   I’m excited and yet anxious too.   You say my two grand-daughters, Ansley (that’s Carie’s) and Nevaeh (That’s Corey’s).  They are both pregnant right now with boys.   Carie is due on June 18th (I’ll be in Africa) and Corey is due 3 days after I return home.    It’s going to be a busy summer for our family.   Reana is 19 now and is in cosmotology school.  Where has the time gone –  Chuck and I celebrate our 20 year anniversary this year too!    Well, just thought I would update you a little on our family and look forward to hear about your family.   Blessings,    Dana

  4. Happy Mother’s Day.
    We didn’t do anything special for Pentecost Sunday.  Our experience has shown that it is a steep learning curve to educate the congregation on the church calendar since the Army is not too liturgical.  There is great value in connecting with the ancient church but as you’ve mentioned without the commerical appeal, well…life goes on.

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