A Relaxed Sunday

This past Sunday was the installation of the new DC in PAP.  Since we had just come back from PAP on Wed. night and I hadn’t been feeling top notch, I couldn’t bring myself to face that grueling, 3½ hour trip over very pot-holey roads (only 75 miles!).  So, Felix went and represented all of us.

Matthew and I had a relaxed day in FDN.  After church, we took a nap, then ate hot dogs, then decided to play in the “pool” while Mom read and blew bubbles. (Don’t tell Matthew what he’s missing out on with those inflatable pools.  It would take forever to fill it with buckets.) For supper we had macaroni and cheese with hot dogs, a favorite dish we save for when Dad isn’t here (since it is his least favorite).  Note that Mom minimized her kitchen time! 

One noteworthy accomplishment for Matthew was that he learned how to blow up a balloon and how much fun it is to let it go and fly all over the place.  Here are our pictures.

Finally getting the hang of this.

Waiting for Mom to finish taking all these pictures!

More bubbles, Mommy!!!


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  1. What a cute smile in that last picture!  You have such a cute kid!  To answer your question…the people who came on the cruise were…Ed and I, my mom and dad, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Randy, Evie and Kevin, Erika and Bryan, and my Aunt Linda and Uncle Steve.  A total of 12.  Sadly, my brother and sister-in-law couldn’t come because they took a trip to the Netherlands this year.  We still had a great time!

  2. Love the pool!  Hey, any port in a storm, right?  He is so daggone cute!  Love the last pic – what a smile!  Hope you are feeling better!  Blessings to you!  ~Kathy

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