God’s Day?!

Happy Fête du Dieu!  Or, perhaps you know it as Corpus Cristi (isn’t that some where in Texas?). Today is a holiday here in Haiti so that means that things are a bit slower here at the clinic.  Still we had around 100 people come to see the doctors.  They like working on the holidays ’cause then they can take a comp day later when they need time off.

Corpus Christi is the holiday celebrating the establishment of communion or Jesus becoming actually present in the “host” during communion.  A big holiday for us here at the SA (right!) where we don’t even practice communion.  I did eat a lot of local, hot, fresh-baked bread….does that count?

Matthew and I played Candy Land (we each won once, best to quit with a tie to avoid bad feelings…I hate to lose to a 5 yr. old ) and then we did a matching card game.  Someone (Kristin, I think) sent him a set of 54 cards with all kinds of vehicles (“machines” as they are called here) and he loves it.  He hasn’t started reading yet but he can tell you the names of all 27 of them.  Then we watched three episodes of ER, year 5.  What fun!

Catch you later…got to finish up that last ER episode and try to decide what to make for supper.  Matthew suggested Tuna Tuna Casserole (normally called Tuna Noodle Casserole).


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  1. I thnk every day is a God’s day. its wonderful to be so in love with the Lord that you sense His Arms of Love all around you.

  2. It’s always a debate, actually. Some think we should go back to having them at the same time, others disagree.  I think this is the 4th year they’ve done it this way. 

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