Life in the Fast Footpath….

Photo by Catherine

Well, I think I will be taking a break from Xanga for a little bit… Things are getting a bit hectic here.  Our two Summer Interns, Briana and Sarah arrived in FDN on Wednesday and are settling in.  I have a 3 day finance seminar next week for our AIDS Relief program.  We just received the approved budget for the AIDS Relief program so have to calculate all the retroactive salaries and the estimation of the funds that will be needed for this 3 month period.  I still have a lot of catching up to do in our normal clinic finances.  We have hired the replacement for our bookkeeper who left in March so are trying to get the new woman up to speed.  I need to organize all the finance requirements for the staff for while I’m on vacation.   Matthew’s Kindergarten graduation is this Saturday and I need to get invitations made for the dinner afterwards.  I have to wrap his gifts. And it is only about 5 weeks until Matthew and I leave for 4 weeks of vacation in the states.  I’m preaching today.  Felix has the Chickenpox since last Tuesday!

Gosh, this makes me tired just typing it.  So, something has to give and I guess it’s going to be xanga.  I will still be thinking of you all and praying for you but my on-line time will have to be limited.  Please pray for us here and I’ll try to get back on during vacation…if I can stay away from this that long.


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  1. Hey I so took that picture!  It sounds like a good thing you’re cutting something out of your life.  Keep me updated though!  Tell the girls and Matthew I say hi.

  2. I don’t know them…I don’t know too many people in the Central.  I will definitely tell the Busroes your ‘hellos’!  Next time you pass thru Atlanta, feel free to drop by!  (I came last year).

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