~  JUNE 23rd ~

Matthew receiving his “diploma”            One of his good friends, Olandina
                                                                reciting her poem

As I took note of the intricate hair arrangements, socks and jewelry for the girls, I was grateful that God had blessed us with a boy!  Getting him ready for this was very straightforward!

There were 47 out of the 60 kindergarteners that participated in the graduation.  The children performed several songs and individual poems.  Matthew did well on his poem, “Les Legumes”  (Vegetables).  He also sang “Jezi Renmen Tout Timoun Yo/Jesus Loves the Little Children” in Creole and English, which was a big hit.  I will try to post the video as soon as I can get it off of Sarah’s camera since my camera doesn’t have a sound feature. 

Matthew very happy with his “diploma”    Matthew with his two “marraines” (God
                                                                    Mothers) and Mom & Dad (and gifts!)

One project we
worked on this year was making the robes, collars and hats so that the
parents and school won’t have to rent them each year.  It cost about
US$ 750 to make the 60 outfits.  A third came from the parents and we
think that we have a sponsor willing to cover the remaining $500.  This
will be quite a benefit for future graduating classes!

Dedication Marraine, Mme Malbranch, Dad, Grad. Marraine Gina, Sarah, Maj. Emmi (Nana), Briana, Juzelle (caregiver since birth) with the graduate!  Feast for eleven back at the house. His dedication Parrain (God Father), Dr. Belony is at the end of the table on the right.  The two Summer Interns (Sarah and Briana) from TSA USA-C fit right in, cheering him on and helping all things come together.


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  1. He’s so adorable!  Remember when my kids graduated from kindergarten at Peoria Citadel?  I have their little graduation pictures on my desk at this very moment.  Watch out!  Before you know it, he’ll be turning 20 like my kindergarten graduate did yesterday.

  2. What a sneaky friend that mouscellaneous is to tell you its my birthday. anyway…why are there ropes across the stage?  Is that so the children won’t fall?  Or is it security?

  3. Hi Voiolet.  I enjoyed your sons singing.   And his kindergarten graduation?  Will you be coming home anytime soon?  (I guess you are home…I mean coming to the States?)   Be happy!    Diane Fultz

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