Highlights of our time with our Summer Interns
Sarah and Briana

I’m a little short on time since I will soon be heading out on vacation for a month so will just post a few photos of our Summer Interns from the USA-C.  They have been great and real “troopers”, even when it involved some strenous hiking to get to some of the outposts and corps.  This week was VBS in FDN so Matthew got to participate in his first VBS.  Thanks, Sarah and Briana for all of your hard work.  (I’ll save the beach shots until I get your go ahead to post them.) 

    FDN – Q/A time with Bible Awards                     Prizes for all — Matthew receiving his


    FDN Jr. Soldier VBS – Time with S & B                Guirand VBS Chorus – “I Say “L-O-V-E”

                                                                                                Sarah, Savary (team translator) & Briana

FDN Jr. Soldier VBS


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  1. We say it Ah-lay-na. She is due to arrive 8-28-07.  So we aren’t able to make to North Carolina. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Hopefully your trip over will be safe and uneventful. Have a good time with the family.

  2. Briana is from my corps.  I never gave it a thought that she would be working with you.  She is a wonderful young woman.  I’ll have to ask her all about Matthew.  First hand information.  Keep up the good work. 
    Also, we have found my daughter Amy’s  birth mother in Guatemala.  We are planning a trip there probably in a few months.  Information we got when she was born is totally different from what her mother says happened.  It is hard to process – especially for Amy.  She has 3 sisters and a brother there.  She always wanted sisters.  It is exciting but takes awhile to process it all.  Please pray for Amy.

  3. Not sure where  juniper is but will have to check it out ..we are going to see our son in Ala. Aug. 15 -19 but should be home late on the 19th. Maybe we can try to meet. since we will still techically be on vacation. Anything you need that you can take back to your appointment??? let me know cause I know even simple things can be  of great  value to have to take back and we  might have things lying around that we would be glad to give you.

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