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                      Granddaddy, Grandmommy and Matthew                       The whole clan

Brief Vacation Update

We had a great time at the NC shore with everybody in my immediate family (plus three spouses and one fiancee and 6 cousins).  Matthew got lots of attention from the cousins and seemed to be in just about every photo.  Go figure. We’ve been with my folks in NC for the past two weeks getting medical, dental, optical check-ups and just relaxing inbetween.  My Mom has been giving Matthew swim lessons in their pool and he is making great progress.  Matthew’s highlights have been unlimited orange juice (thanks to Granddaddy!) and nearly unlimited doses of “Sponge Bob”!   My favorites have been shopping at Wal-Mart, reading, seeing the “Harry Potter” movie and spending time with my parents.

We are driving over to Raleigh today and then fly out to Florida early Monday morning.  We will be with our 2nd cousin, Leslie until we head for Haiti Thursday.  Keep Haiti and Jamaica in your prayers in light of Hurrican Dean.  I’ll post photos after I get back to Fond-des-Negres.  I forgot to come with my cable.  (I found some that my brother had sent.) If you want to get in touch by phone in the next couple of days, message me and we will figure something out.


Matthew and Aaron (a soph at Cornell) and Robby, the soldier (as Matthew calls him), recently graduated from Augsberg


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  1. hello  – I just wanted to let you know that I gave Renee Dehart (can’t remember her married name for the life of me right now) your contact info – she said you were pen pals in the past.  Every now and then her and her son, Trevor – he is so cute! come to worship service.  It was good to have them today.  Thanks for your service to the Lord in Haiti – please know you are in our prayers, as are all the missionaries.  blessings, Shelley McClintock, Manitowoc WI

  2.  I have graduation ones but not on this computer.  I’m going to Trinity International University and I’m only about 45 min away from home which isn’t so bad.  I really like college life.  It’s different and difficult but it’s fun.  It’s good to be surrounded by christians as well.  Also, the teachers are good and classes aren’t too boring so that’s nice.  I have to go to class now so I will update my comment back later.  I just wanted you to know I got your comment and appreciate it.

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