How to schedule a 1st Grader’s Time

Now that Matthew is out of kindergarten and into 1st Grade, I was wondering if any of you out there in xanga land can give me some idea as to how you schedule your school children’s time. 

He finishes school at 1 pm, then eats lunch at home.  We try to get him to take a nap sometime in the afternoon. Other than this, we don’t have too much of a routine established.

Some of the kids go for after school lessons but I wonder if this is too much.  When is best to do homework or other learning activities?  How much time should be spent on this?  How much TV (videos/DVD’s) is acceptable?  What about other outside activities or play with other children? (We don’t have too many organized activities for children here but have been thinking of sending him to Jr. Sold. on Sat.) 

Any feedback would be helpful.


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  1. That’s a hard one. I always thought I would be the kind of mom who wouldn’t let my kids watch too much TV or play too many video games. Then I had Josiah, who is a total addict to any kind of electronic entertainment. I worried a lot about it for awhile, until I realized he has great friendships and really good grades despite what I still believe is too much computer/Playstation/TV time. So … I think you just have to figure it out as you go. This year, J’s teacher is requiring a certain amount of reading and journaling time, so that will help.

  2. I don’t have any answers for you but I tell you that we have two grandsons in first grade this year.  One is Eric (will be adopted any day now) and our first born grandson Erik.  It is a little complicated having two Eri(c)ks.  Love this age.  All I know is that both of them have a set amount of time to read every evening.  We also have a kindergarten girl – Lexi and a pre-schooler – Matthew.  Love them all.

  3. Not sure the best for your child; only you will know that (based on his personality, attention span, interests, etc.).  I also don’t know your office and corps schedule.  But with my two I followed a typical routine. After school, we had time to read together, take a short nap, have outside play time, and small chores before dinner. After dinner was typically corps activities. On nights there were no activities, we did crafts and played games before washing up for bed.  They still only get two hours of television and/or video games per day, and they usually like it in the evening.  I stick to this except on Saturdays; they can watch all they want (but they’re usually playing with friends). 
    I would definitely involve him in Junior Soldiers, though.

  4. I’ve been thinking about this and trying to remember the schedule I had for my kids at that age.  Let’s see, after school snack and play at the park or in the back yard or even in the house.  Nap time early enough so he/she would sleep after dinner.  Then I let him/her play alone – while I folded laundry or something nearby so I could monitor and listen to his/her imaginary play.  Sometimes I had a friend over – sometimes it was organized like projects, but most of the time it was just letting them have fun and play.  Not a lot of tv or even video games (my son loved them, but my daughter doesn’t).  Usually after dinner they are helped to clean their room and then bath time and story time.  Sometimes snuggle while we watch tv as a family.  Mind you, this was all on a perfect day, which didn’t happen all that often, especially doing officer-type work.  Blessings!

  5. RYC:  I would LOVE to come and help you – even when you’re not stressed…or how about when I am stressed.  I am sorry that things are a little out of sorts for you.  Yep – good thing to just say I will acoomplish two things today…and if you only do one, then you’re half way there.  If neither, there’s always tomorrow.  And it does count that you do things for other people.  It’s still an accomplishment.  I wouldn’t recommend insomnia, but that’s how I have always gotten my house cleaned – between 2 and 4 am.  I could do everything except vaccum and not wake anyone!  Also, I couldn’t multitask with a young’un like I do now that they are older.  And of course I still live by lists.  I tape lists to the front door, to my dashboard, to the bathroom mirror, and to the milk jug in the refrigerator! 

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