Matthew’s first day of 1st Grade – Armee du Salut

Matthew is at the front of the line, middle section,  with the yellow and black lunch bag.  The school day starts at 7:45 am with assembly in the school courtyard for devotions (a chorus, scripture passage and a short devotional), the singing of a different verse each day of the Haitian National Anthem and the raising of the flag.  Then each of the classes file out in pairs to their class rooms. The first week is traditionally poorly attended due to some ingrained superstitions.  I’m guessing that they had only 75 – 100 students the first week.  That worked to our advantage the second week since we were late arriving the second Monday but no one noticed due to the confusion of all the new students and their parents trying to sort everything out!  Matthew’s teacher seems very nice although she seemed a bit put off that Matthew seeks so much attention and interaction.

There is a nice Salvationist young man from France who is here for the year, helping teach French at the school.  Since Jonathan has come over to our house several times, he is Matthew’s new, best friend.  Hopefully, this connection will help Matthew learn French.  We’re hoping that we will also improve in our ability to speak French.  Jonathan doesn’t speak much English or Creole so our conversations have been quite limited for the present.


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