25 Years of Service in Petit Goave

This past week has been a busy one for us.  First, our AIDS Relief funders organized a week-long planning meeting to help us develop our plan and budget for next year.  However,  our annual Salvation Army Officers Retreat was scheduled for part of the same week.  So we attended as much of the AR meeting while trying to maintain focus during the spiritual sessions at the OR.  Our guest was the Chief Secretary from Canada, Col. Glen S.

His wife, Eleanor, joined him for the weekend for a big celebration for one of the corps.  The Petit Goave corps turned 25 this year.  It has been a very productive corps, with 18 officers coming out of that corps.  On Sunday, about 34 people were enrolled as senior soldiers.  The big excitement, though, was that during the message, the wind picked up and pulled the big tarps loose and caused the main wooden post to start to fall.  I felt really bad for Mrs. Col. Eleanor because she couldn’t be heard and couldn’t get our attention for our fears….And what was her message?  “Fear Not!” 

Matthew’s biggest fear was not that the pole would fall on him but that he wouldn’t get any of the balloons!  He burst out sobbing and everyone was wondering why the child was crying.  One of the Scouts came running with four balloons and Matthew could hardly manage to look up to say thanks.  We shared 3 of the balloons with nearby children since it was all Matthew could do to manage one balloon in that wind.  All in all, we had a good time. 

By the way, it was the fore winds of Tropical Depression Noel that was causing the problems.  Since yesterday afternoon we have been having heavy rains.  That made today a quiet day, kind of like a “snow day” from my Chicago days.  Matthew watched lots of videos and I worked on the payroll.  All three of my finance people came in.  I’m so PROUD , I mean, pleased with them!  (Felix doesn’t accept the use of “proud” in any context.) 


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  1. Great post!  I know the Shepherds!  I actually knew their daughter when she came to the Cascade Division for the summer (or was it Christmas – or both?) where I was at DHQ and later met her parents a few times.  Good people!  Funny that her sermon topic was given a real life object lesson!  Hope everyone and all was alright.  And totally sweet about Matthew and the balloons.  Kids are sooo great.  Interesting about Felix not liking the use of “proud”…he is an exceptional man.  You must be proud of, errrr, pleased with him.  lol
    Today I am wearing my old glasses (very outdated) and no eye makeup.  I wish insurance paid for both contacts AND glasses.  Thanks for your concern.  I haven’t had an eye infection in years and years.  It’s a major inconvenience!

  2. My sister and husband live in Winnipeg and Glen and Eleanor are their best friends.  We’ve spent time with them when we have been to Winnipeg visiting.  Very nice people.  Did you know that their son, John, is completely paralyzed after a car accident a few years ago.  They have gone through very hard times.  Thanks for your posting.

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