Tropical Storm Noel and Halloween

Thought that I’d let you know how Tropical Storm
Noel has affected us here in Haiti.  I just read an article that said
41 died in Dom. Republic, 18 so
far here in Haiti and 1 in Jamaica.  Flooding can be a real problem
sometimes sweeping away housing that is poorly made and built too
closely to the river beds which are usually dry. 
There is one river that we’ve been having to drive through for the last
2 years
when another storm made the supports give way.  They have been working
seriously on the new bridge since this summer and it was to officially
be opened Nov. 15th  But due to the flood waters in the river we hear
that they opened the bridge yesterday.  This will really help to cut
down our time to PAP since we won’t have to take the detour and cross
the river bed. 

And this isn’t at flood stage….normal amount of water!  Taken Sept 05

Here in FDN we have been having heavy rains for
the past 2 1/2 days.  It
started around 1 pm on Monday, just when we needed to get Matthew from
school.  Monday was wash day so all our clothes are still drenched on
line.  Tuesday was like a “snow” day with only about a third of
the staff making it in.  It made for a quiet day and we were able to get some
work done on the payroll that everyone was waiting for. (All 3 of the
people made it in.)  It rained off and on throughout the night and
today.  We are blessed to have a good apartment to live in.  I really
feel for those who don’t, where water runs through their houses or pours
through their roofs or they have to walk down muddy, slippery paths to
get to their homes.  Pray for them during these difficult days.

Today is Halloween which isn’t celebrated here at all.  As I did last
I explained the process of “trick or treating” to some of the staff
and then gave them little things to give Matthew when we came around. 
They got a kick out of it
and Matthew had fun

(Its a spider on his cheek if you can’t make it out.  PJ’s made by Grandmommy)

I would like
him to experience real trick  treating at least once while he is little
but don’t know when we might be in the US.  Two years ago we were in
Miami getting his US passport… a REAL TREAT!  At the airport there
were a few people in costumes and he got some candy as we waited for
our flight.

Tomorrow and Friday are holidays here, due to the Catholic influence: All
Saints Day and All Souls Day. So we have  a long, long weekend.  If
it clears up maybe I can convince Felix to take us to the beach.

Take care and God bless!


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  1. Thanks  for sharing. Will keep your  country in our Prayer about this matter as well as your usuall prayer concerns

  2. I am so glad to hear a mini update! It’s too bad that drive will no longer be experienced… I’m sure the drive will be so much better now. Sounds like Matthew enjoyed another makeshift Halloween! How is everything and everyone back in Fond-des-Negres? I’m trying to figure out my next year’s plans and really would like to arrange a return trip to Haiti so that I may spend time in the wonderful place again. I’ll have to talk with you as I think through it so that I make sure I’d be able to see you for a little while! Love and prayers to the family! Give Matthew my love and my hello!

  3. Glad to know you are safe.  It’s silly around here with real estate prices as they are.  We are very grateful to God for this answered prayer.  If we were to purchase a warehouse, the going rate is $150/sq ft.  Hard to believe and I can only imagine how far that would go were you are.

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