Twelve Years in the Caribbean!

Well, Nov. 15th was my anniversary of the beginning of my overseas service….12 years of being a reinforcement officer.  Actually, technically, SA officially, 5 ½ as a reinforcement officer and 6½ as a Caribbean officer (I “became” a Caribbean officer when I married Felix, who, although he’s from Nigeria, is considered a Caribbean officer since he went to training from Antigua.). And all these blessings from saying, “Yes I am willing to be considered for an overseas position.”  I thought one term, maybe two and here I’ve finished 4!  Hardly seems possible; married with a cute, 1st grader, speaking and working in a foreign language, reading (and understanding) French (can’t speak French…but do well in Creole), helping to run a program that provides quality medical care to 150 people a day plus nearly 500 patients receiving ARV therapy.  God certainly had a bigger vision for my life than I did.  To God be the Glory!

Matthew with three boys from Bethany Childrens Home and Jonathon, SA volunteer from France.  He’s trying to help us with our French but I can’t seem to get beyond the French pronounciation of “R”!  It cracks me up!

Some of the girls and one of the staff at The Sunshine Home in Antigua where I started my overseas service in ’95.  This was taken on our visit Sept. 2006

Three of “my girls” that I was able to make contact with during our ’06 visit. All working and taking care of their families.

Melissa                                                            Latoya



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  1. Thanks for your encouragement and post. Love the pictures too on your site. I just got back from taking Lexy for a walk /I dont  have as much time as I use to walk but eventually hope to get back to my walking 45 min. 
    Have a great Sunday

  2. God sure can shake us up, can’t He?!  We’d be scared to death if we knew what our futures held, but He has us in the palm of His hand and has wonderful plans for us.  I reiterate your sentiment – To God be the Glory!

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