Moisson – Mwasonn (Harvest)

One of the big events in the corps life here in Haiti is Moisson or Harvest.  Usually there is a week-long revival crusade in the corps, a Saturday night auction sale and then a special service on Sunday where the Harvest envelops are gathered.  The funds raised are used for property repairs or improvements.  Our corps is hoping to one day raise enough money to address the serious structural problems in the corps building.

The SA school children have their Harvest party on Friday where the children are supposed to bring items to donate as well as money in their envelops.  They get to come to school all dressed up and have a party before they present their items.

For the auction, Felix cut two stalks of bananas from the clinic banana plants to be sold.  Mayotte and I did some baking today so that we could give something to be sold.  She made 130 BonBon Katrines (Catherine’s Cookies) and I made 4 banana loaves and 4 loaves of yeast bread.  They all sold well, for about US$3.50 each (a regular loaf of sliced bread costs 83¢) and people were asking me for the recipe.  Now I have to figure out how to translate the instructions from English to Creole or French!  A very satisfying day.  (I’ll try to get some more photos on Sunday.)

Mayotte in the kitchen                                         The finished product



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