Thanksgiving Plans Culminated…

Well TG has come and gone….Our beach plans fell through since we ended up spending the entire day doing a little of this and a little of that, responding to the needs of the clinic (as usual).  I was still hoping that we would go up until 1:30 pm when I realized it wasn’t going to happen with guests coming at 5:30 pm.  Matthew sobbed at the news, which is what I wanted to do.  Felix says we can try to go on Saturday….We’ll see. 

We did have a nice meal together with our CO’s (well Mrs. CO and 2 kids) and the French SA young man, Jonathan.  He had only seen TG in American movies so enjoyed participating in his first TG feast “sans dinde” (without turkey). I shared the TG story before we all ate and afterwards we went around and shared two things we are thankful for. 

For Felix’s BD (same day), I made banana cake (actually two since I burned the first one while I was fixing breakfast…totally forgot that it was in the oven).  Monday will be Jonathan’s BD so I put candles on both of their pieces and we sang to them.  The 22nd was also the Mr. CO’s BD so I had presents for both Jonathon and Maj. Wilfred.

Today, we followed an age-old tradition of eating TG leftovers.  Steve and Tim from WMNI were here for lunch so Mayotte and I just re-worked what was remaining from yesterday.  I love leftover dressing!

I will try to post the group photo later as it is time to head out for Rotary (we joined a new group 30 min from here in Sept. and try to get to the meetings as often as possible).

(l to r Violet, Mayotte, Felix, Matthew, Max, Woodline, Mj. Lucienne, Jonathon)

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  1. I am so sorry that you didn’t get to the beach.  As I was on the fourth floor at Tom Seay, I thought of you…I still didn’t see an apartment, though.  Glad you did have some friends gathered round though, and yummy leftovers.  Thanking God for you.

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