Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Felix, Matthew and I made a weekend trip to PAP since Felix had been asked to preach in the Balan corps.  Although it was for their Harvest In-Gathering Sunday, Felix preached a good Christmas message.  (Still amazes us how there is so little emphasis on Advent or Christmas here!)  He decided that, since it was a small corps (around 100) we could take packages of cookies and juice to share with those there after the meeting.  We had been given some small party-favor type toys a while back so decided that this would be the perfect chance to share them out.  Everyone was fairly patient for the distribution and very grateful for everything given.

We stayed in PAP Sunday night and Matthew and I enjoyed the ORMISO retreat center (part of OMS International) on Monday while Felix took care of business in town.  We got back to FDN around 6:15 pm and Felix went to buy the items to put in the food parcels that we will give out on Christmas morning to the patients in the clinic and our TB sanatorium.  We are blessed with some really willing people here and four agreed to come and start putting the bags of items together at 9:30 pm!  I told them to be prepared to sleep at our house and they have just finished at 3:30 am.

Our internet connection has been out for about a week now which has been a pain.  I had some really important finance reports to submit and even the wireless connection in PAP wouldn’t let me open or send attachments.  So, when I got back, I really prayed that it would start working again here.  I got all the lights to go on on the modem and then checked the server, which hasn’t go on line for about two weeks.  Hallelujah, I was able to get on line…Then I realized that the server doesn’t have any programs like Excel on it so didn’t think that I would be able to send an Excel attachment.  So, I started up the laptop (my desktop’s hard drive crashed 12/8 and we are trying to get it replaced) and miraculously the connection was good.  Reports have been sent and connections remade with friends and family!

While the volunteers were packing the food parcels, I used the time to finish wrapping gifts and putting all the Santa stuff out.  Matthew is really into Santa this year, even telling me not to tell Santa about the “naughty” things he’s been up to.  We put out muffins and juice for Santa and then I read him “The Night Before Christmas” that I found on the internet.  We also watched the NORAD tracking of Santa around the world which was fun.  I found an online radio station so was able to listen to some Christmas music while I wrapped the gifts.  (Making up for lost interneting time, I guess).

I pray that your Christmas Day will be a time of family togetherness and reflection on the greatest Gift of all!


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  1. Glad things are up and running!  Isn’t technology wonderful sometimes?  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  Loved hearing that Matthew didn’t want the “naughty” things told on him – too cute!  Blessings to you!!!

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