Mom, when is it going to snow here??  Not any time soon…although someone recently told me that it occassionally snows in the higher mountains here in Haiti….and we did get out our long-sleeved clothes and jackets….

Mom, when is Santa going to come back???  Hummm…and I still don’t have all the Christmas decorations put away…am still enjoying the Christmas cards that are still arriving….Does 343 days sound about right??


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  1. Thank you so much for your prayers for my dad! I read your posts, often, too. You have such a fantastic ministry! How long have you been serving in your appointment in Haiti? And, your son is ADORABLE!!!!

  2. We would be more than happy to share some cold and snow with you lol!  The roads are a sheet of ice today and school was delayed for 2 hours.  I am sooo ready for spring!  Matthew is just too cute!  Blessings to you!!!

  3. Hope you are keeping a “Remember When” book.  You’ll get lots of pleasure remembering all those cute things when you’re old like us.
    For Christmas gifts I took your great idea.  They all received baskets full of goodies to enjoy along with DVD’s (and a nice check).  I think they all liked it–but I don’t remember any thank you’s (guess I need to do a little more training on them). 
    Do you have a Facebook?  I’m really having fun playing Scrabble with our many friends across the Army.

  4. I totally agree with slvrstrmom: you can have our snow.  Please!  Has Matthew ever seen/felt real snow?  Miss Katelyn loved Christmas when she was younger, too.  Not just the gifts part of it, but she loved the decorations, the festivities, etc.  She is still that way, so I try to make Christmas nice for her even when I’m not exactly feelin’ it.  lol  Blessings!!!!

  5. Too bad we arent coming close to Haiti we could finally meet. :  ) Hope your week will be a great one.

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