Budget Planning Meetings!

Well, Felix and I plus our medical director and program coordinator are in PAP this week for our AIDS Relief budget planning meetings.  We are getting ready to go into our 5th year of funding of the initial 5 year commitment.  We struggled to reach our target of persons actively on the ARV therapy due to attrition of both patients and staff.  However, we are not the only ones stuggling with these issues.

Also, the funding consortium is being more analytical of the spending and progress which I guess is good.  But their new requirements have caused a delay in the funding and the clinic can’t continue to “float” the program’s expenses.  So, I guess that I will be using some of my time trying to complete the new budget justification forms that we were given.  Hopefully I can do that this week, submit it for review so that we will be able to pay the staff soon.

Pray for us during this week that we not only get this work done for the current year but will have time to put together a well thought-out plan for the next year.

Matthew was sad to see us go but put in his request that we bring him back Cheetos from PAP. 





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  1. Praying for you and your budget that needs are met!  Cheetos huh?  He is just too cute!!!  Blessings to you!

  2. Praying that it all goes well.  I don’t like the budget-side of the ministry, but I appreciate that it needs to be done.  I sure wish I could Matthew some of our snow.  A foot of it last night.  ENOUGH ALREADY!

  3. It’s amazing isn’t it?  I find myself closer to Him this time of year; I’m appreciative of the season, and know that the sacrifice refocuses my thoughts.  My goal is to keep the self-denial for life.

  4. RYC:  Yeah, I’m soooo sick of the snow.  More coming tonight.  UGH.  Right now I’m not in too good of a mind frame for this area:  potholes, snow, corrupt government, unfriendly people, hot office…see?  bad attitude day on my part!  LOL  But I’ll get better…these bad moments never last too long.

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