Contact from a Cousin

I just received a surprise e-mail from a second cousin that I never knew looking for family information on my maternal grandmother’s side.  Of all the geneology that has been researched in our family, this is the side I know the least about so I was very interested in what she sent.

She mentioned that she had had the opportunity once to stop in Haiti on a cruise and even had the time to go inland to visit The Citadel.  This is the most impressive of a series of fortifications that King Henri I built shortly after Haiti gained it’s independance from France in 1804.  Felix and I visited it in 2004 and are still amazed at what they were able to accomplish on the top of a steep mountain with no modern equipment.  So for Patty’s sake, in case she takes up my invitation to visit our site, I’m re-posting these photos.

Cruise ship at Labady Beach 023

Local and International Water Transport

Citadel 036

Felix walked, I rode, in a skirt, no less! 


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