One Big Project Done!

One of the outcomes of the budget meetings at the end of Jan was that in order to get our 4th quarter “advance” (quarter started Dec. 1) we had to complete a line-by-line expanation and justification of our request.  Needless to say, that took a bit of doing, some late nights and a lot of calculations.  So glad I know my way around Excel.  Can’t imagine doing this kind of stuff with a pad of paper and a hand-held calculator.  Just got it finished and in the “e-mail”.  Now pray that the review goes quickly and smoothly and we get our check pronto.  As it is, no one is getting their Jan salaries until the money is in and a lot of other activities are on hold.

Got more to say but the electricity is out and the lap top’s battery is down to about 8%.



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  1. Hope it all gets approved quickly.  I take it electricity goes out often there since you didn’t say why it happened to be out at the time of your post.  I’m surprised we haven’t had more outages with all the snow and cold we’ve had. 
    Cool about your cousin.  No one in my family is all that interested in researching our family roots, except for my brother’s wife.  Go figure.  lol.  Cool pictures, too, btw.

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