Aliens and Jr. Soldiers??

I have just started sending Matthew to Jr. Soldiers and today, when he got back, I asked him, “So, what did you talk about in Jr. Soldiers?”  He said, “Aliens.”  Me, “Aliens, like what kind?”, thinking maybe the OT kind, like treat aliens kindly because you were once aliens in Egypt….  He said, “Like monsters from outer space!”  I will have to talk to the JS leader tomorrow to get the real story!  LOL

Edit::  Well, the CO said that they talked about the SA organizational system….I guess for many of us that can feel VERY ALIEN…like they are from another planet!!!!  When I started going over it with him, he started saying, like yeah…  He has the divisional level (where and who’s the DC) but not a clue on THQ  (Col. Smith???) or IHQ (General ____ can’t remember so will ask him again tomorrow) so we worked on it all the way home…DHQ: Port-au-Prince, THQ: Jamaica (like Jamaica Bobsled), IHQ: London (like where we met Uncle Bob for dinner and the waitress spilled hot chocolate on you…he was only 3 1/2 and still won’t forgive that lady for doing that…).  Hopefully we can work up to the names.


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  1. The Paul Harris is given to anyone who gives the $1000.  You can give and designate yourself or anyone of your choosing.  The donation is tax deductable since most clubs have their own foundations to receive and distribute funds to the community.  It is anonymous so it could be a combination of being involved (leading songs), our ministry in the community, or impacting a member in a special way.  Hopefully I’ll find out one day.

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