Beware of E-mail Contacts!

I feel I need to add an update to my last post regarding the contact from a second cousin.  This lady contacted me out of the blue with a lot of information about my family, so much that I e-mailed her twice, adding to and correcting some of the family history that she had.  Fortunately, I did not give her any other e-mail addresses or phone numbers.  Her third e-mail said that she was stranded in Nigeria after her bags were left in a taxi and now needed $2,100 wired to her so that the hotel wouldn’t take action against her.  Now, I don’t have any “proof” that she’s conning me but I also don’t have any “proof” that she is legit.  Of course, I told her that there is no way I could/would send her any money.

I have no idea how she got my e-mail address or any of the specific geneological information that she had, especially in relationship with my paternal grandmother’s maiden name, but it is really scary to think that all this information is available in this day and age of the internet.  Sad to think that the information people are putting together for family tree research can be used to decieve others into thinking that they have found long lost relatives.

So, Friends, be careful!!!  And on some networks, like Facebook, you end up posting your entire name, birthdate, a whole slew of contact info (schools, employers, etc.), e-mail addresses and a list of all your friends.  Scary to think of that info in the hands of the wrong people.


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  1. That is SO strange – because this past month I also had someone contact me….TWICE…..both on my personal e mail and here on Xanga…..claiming to be a relative. I thought perhaps she might be legit, since my Dad’s brother had been working very diligently to put together a detailed family tree before his quick and sudden Promotion to Glory in December. It didn’t seem out of the ordinary that someone might be looking me up….And then I realized that NOWHERE on my Xanga site do I state my maiden name. How would this person even know I was related to my Dad’s side of the family? I got suspicious and decided not to respond. After reading your post, I’m sure glad I didn’t!

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