Silly Mommy!!!

The other day I came into the house from the bright sunlight.  To try to speed up my eyes’ adjustment to the change in lighting I closed my eyes.  Then I remembered that I needed to go into the bathroom to turn of our electric water pump before the tank on the roof overflowed.  So, I walked quickly and confidently towards the bathroom and BOOM, I ran smack dab into the linen wardrobe, hitting my shoulder and scraping my foot.  OW!!  I guess the smart thing would have been to OPEN MY EYES FIRST, AND THEN WALK ACROSS THE ROOM!! 

It made me think of how many of us are spiritually.  We go through the day, walking without spiritual guidance and BOOM we run into barricades and obstacles and then wonder why.  Thankfully we have a loving Heavenly Father who doesn’t stand there laughing hysterically at us or lecturing us.  Instead, He reaches out to correct us and put us on the right path.

Open my eyes, Lord, I want to see Jesus

To reach out and touch Him, and tell Him I love Him….


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