“Violet’s Family of Origin” Jokes

Ok, if you know where I come from, you will know that I come by this genre of humor quite biologically……

The other day I was thinking of someone on staff and how much I can rely on him and said, “He’s so fidèle!”  Felix looked up from what he was doing and said, “Who?”  And without a pause I said…”Castro!”  and nearly died laughing at my quick wit.  (Someone has to laugh, right?)

Then, Felix had just gotten back from PAP where he was working with a broker to get a large container of donated medical supplies out of customs.  He was telling me that the broker said that it would be about US$3,000 we’re going to have to pay.  And I said, “No wonder he’s called a BROKER!!!”  Arr,arr, arr,arr, arr (what my brother Bob says when he’s calling his kids: Robby, Ryan, Ray, Rebekah, & Rachel……) 


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  1. I laugh at my own jokes, too.  I hear a lot of blonde  jokes so I made up my own:  I love blonde jokes.  I don’t get ’em, but I love ’em!
    Good sense of humor through this frustating time.

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