This and That

Today, Matthew wanted a grilled cheese and banana sandwich (which he didn’t get)

On our way back from Bethany Children’s Home, he saw an old woman coming out of the clinic.  He gazed at her and asked what happened to her teeth.  When she said that they had been pulled out, he asked if she would be getting new teeth.  (Many of his friends these days are sporting the toothless smiles of six year olds so he thought the same was happening to this old lady.  He was so sincere!)

How many times do you all eat rice in a single week???  What is your normal “starch” of preference?  It seems that we eat rice at least three times a week, and that doesn’t include eating left-overs.  When I’m in the states I can go a month without rice appearing on the menu even once!

I learned the other day that the French word for “pen” isn’t “plume”.  Does anyone out there know what it is?   I’ll tell you in another blog. 

I also learned how “American-centric” I am when I insisted to Jonathan, our Salvationist friend from France, that Bic was an American company.  Wrong!!!  After a short websearch I learned that it was invented by a Hungarian who produced it in Argentina and then sold the patent to a French man named Bich and a French company.  He shortend it to “Bic” because he didn’t want non-French speakers (i.e. Americans) to pronounce his name with a “t” after the “i” and before the “ch”.  I apologized to Jonathon for my assumptions.


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  1. Funny, the Bic thing.  Wow, rice that many times, I think I would be tired of eating it as well.  Here is loads of potatoes.  I love sharing that we eat things such as steak and kidney pie and mushy peas.  I think potatoes and peas are a staple of life here in the UK. 
    Anyways, I pray that you are well.  I also pray for your health, finances, and for your protection and safety as you continue to serve in Haiti.  Blessings to you and your family.  SHALOM!  P.S.  I love reading your blog. 

  2. Hey! I laughed at the rice comment – obviously I eat rice in China pretty much every day, sometimes twice, but usually only when I eat out. At home I eat more bread. The first time students came over to cook (a very fun activity!) they were beyond astounded when I told them I had no rice. They were so concerned that I was starving. 🙂

  3. You are such a blessing. Thank you so much! Of course you can use it – it’s not mine, it’s our Lords! It was so neat to me that when we were in the Republic of Georgia we also received the DH CD and it meant so much to be able to listen to Merricks and then God sent us there in Detroit. How cool is God?! 🙂 Have a great weekend! Be blessed!

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