Youth Councils

Well, after having a sleepless night Thursday, I finally got a chance to get to bed around 5 pm when Matthew and I laid down for a “nap”.  My “nap” lasted until around 8 am Sat. morning!  (Although not without some interuptions, mostly from Matthew telling me that I needed to get up and take care of him!)  When Felix got back from Rotary (they all missed me!), he saw to Matthew’s needs, leaving me to sleep.  (Thank you, Honey!)

Youth Councils started yesterday.  They are quite a bit different from what we have in the states.  Ours are held in the SA primary school across the street from the clinic and the delegates “camp out” in the class rooms, washing up wherever they can and cooking over charcoal fires behind the school.  The three of us went over tonight for a bit of the concert where all the corps are given an opportunity to present a piece.  It was quite lengthy, as usual, so I was glad we went late. 

The musicians amaze me with how they can jump right in and provide accompaniment for the vocalist without any prior arrangement and in whatever key the people decide to sing in.  After just a few measures they are playing along as if they had sheet music and had practiced with the singers for hours!  The main challenge is to get them to realize that they need to play in the background so that you can still hear the person singing.

The meeting was held in the school courtyard so there was a “free and easy” atmosphere.  Matthew was running around with all his friends from school and getting attention from anyone who would give it.  It is amazing how many people know Matthew.  One thing was that in all the running, he tripped and skinned his knee, his FIRST skinned knee….Amazing for an almost 6 yr old.  So, once home he got the royal treatment with antibiotic salve and two bandaids.  One happy boy!

Well, off to bed.  I will try to get some photos tomorrow morning.



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  1. Ahhhh, Matthew’s first skinned knee.  Ouchie!  Funny how kids love bandaids!  And funny how the bandaids seem to make it “all better” (that and mom’s TLC).  I love reading about life and culture there. 
    I’m having one of the sleepless nights.  I’ve been awake – I mean, wide awake, since 3 am.  I hope I get a nap later!

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