Matthew Moments

My little boy is growing up.  He will soon be six.  He can now get his school uniform on by himself (except for socks and shoes) although not usually fast enough for our morning rush to get to school.  He can bathe himself (if  he ever makes it to the tub).  And I even saw him doing his homework without anyone telling  him to do it (we were too busy to even ask if he had any ).  And tonight he got the trashcan out of his room so that he could sharpen his pencil so he could do his writing assignment!

Funny things:  He likes to cross our toothbrushes before we brush, like crossing swords.  And then he raises his up and proclaims, “To God in the Highest!  Amen!” (kind of like “To infinity and beyond!”…cracks me up).

Matthew is a fairly musical child.  He has been able to make notes on my baritone since he was two.  He picks up tunes quite easily and will be singing the marches he hears us practicing in band practice.  He prefers rhythm and has learned which buttons to push on the keyboard to turn it into the percussion section.  Last night he was playing the sample songs on my electric keyboard and making up words as it played.  He said the songs were for his dog, Gender (imaginary dog, I might add).  They were really good songs about not being late to school and watching out when you’re near the road, etc.  I only wish I could have captured them on tape or something.  He is such a blessing!  Thank you, Lord!!



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  1. What a guy!  He’s so adorable.  I laughed out loud at the toothbrush story.  It seems like yesterday I was telling you stories of my kids saying those kinds of things.  God has truly blessed you.

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