WMNI Team & NJ Visitor



We were blessed to be involved in the recent ministry of a work team from WMNI division.  While their primary responsibilities were at Bethany Children’s Home, we had them over for dinner (I made home-made pizza from scratch…Domino’s doesn’t deliver to FDN) and we took them to the beach one afternoon.  They worked hard on three projects at Bethany and only the water system stymied them.  Maybe they will be able to straighten it out on the next trip if no one locally can get it operating.

We also had Ed from NJ come down to give us some engineering support on the plans for the new medical facilities that are in the works.  We really need to be able to expand our services to include emergency surgeries, x-rays, more bed space, etc.  Ed hopes to be able to take our ideas and put them on paper.  He was with us for a week and Matthew has a new friend who will even play Candy Land with him.  We look forward to his next visit.

I have more photos to share but they will have to wait since Matthew needs me to sing to him and put his mosquito net down.  A mother’s work is never finished.


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  1. Yep – I’m flying, but my flight is delayed due to WEATHER – snow, wouldn’t you know.  We’ve had a couple beautiful, sunny days and the day I want to fly out, we have a snow storm.  Bah hum bug.  Anyway, a xanga friend helped me research flights online and then I got my tax refund so I was able to afford it. 
    Oh, don’t know if I answered your other question – the title of the movie is “College Roadtrip”.
    I smiled when I read about Matthew’s mosquito net and about Dominos not delivering.  You’re funny :o)
    Maybe more later from Alaska.

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