A Word from the President….

Well, things still continue to be difficult here.  It has been a week of little traffic on the road…kind of remindes me of how things were in the big Chicago snow storm of 1967 without the snow….Most of the staff made it in but the number of patients was low.  Attendance at school today was low and they won’t be having school tomorrow and Friday.  Things were more tense in PAP with tire burnings, mob action and a march on the Presidential Palace.  We decided to call the staff and patients together for a time of prayer, singing and reflection.  Felix talked about how God is really in control, reminding them of the 3 year drought in Elijah’s time and the time there was famine so severe that mothers were eating their children when God miraculously saved them.  God is still in control!

This afternoon President Preval addressed the country and we were able to get his speech on our TV.  He acknowledged the dire situation that the country is in but tried to explain the impact that the global market is having on Haiti (gas prices, food shortages).  He put forth some plans to subsidize the local production of food that will help to encourage farmers and keep the money circulating in Haiti instead of buying so much from abroad.  He proposed a temporary new tax to help complete the road rebuilding that will help food reach PAP from the countryside quicker and perhaps less expensively.  He asked the people to restrain from violent and destructive protests since it will only drive the costs up higher.

The local reaction was basically that “all that was fine and good but what are you going to do right now???  We’re hungry and can’t afford to buy food.”  It will be interesting to see if there are any measures taken to bring quick relief. 

Thank you for your encouraging notes and prayers.  They are appreciated.


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  1. We have been keeping up with the goings-on.  Gas and food prices are going up here also and straining budgets.  Many trucking companies are laying off because they can’t afford to run their trucks.  Last I saw diesel prices were over $4 a gallon.  Everyone has a “plan” but it does nothing for the current situation – How sad!  Praying for peace and order and most of all that God will provide!  Stay safe and you’re in our prayers!!  Blessings to you!!!  How is little Matthew doing?

  2. Will continue to pray.  What blessings we have, and take for granted.  Petrol here in the UK is about $9 a gallon, we do it by litres I think, still haven’t quite worked it all out, but anyways, it’s high.  The difference here too is that we pay most of it.  I think officers in the US have it so easy, we pay for our eletric, water, petrol, etc. here.  It makes us really appreciate things and especially care packages:)  I thought that Haiti was under the Florida division for helping out financially, etc.  I know that they have the Carribean, but wasn’t sure.  Anyhoo, I think the states really should try to give a lot more. 
    I remember being in total shock when I found out the corps budget in the last corps we were in in Florida could run this whole division and I am sure the budget for the division could run this Territory and then some.  Souls are far more important, but it amazes me the differences. 
    I am keeping you in my prayers, and I believe for God to provide.  Thank you for sharing.  May God richly bless you and your family’s ministry.  SHALOM!

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