Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Although I’m pretty sure that Mom doesn’t read my xanga posts, I can’t let the day pass without telling the world that today is my mom’s birthday (a pretty significant milestone at that).  She and Dad were heading out on a roadtrip vacation down to Florida but since I know that they don’t usually get an early morning start I was able to get them on the phone this morning to sing “Happy Birthday”.  My brother had surprised her by driving in from Chicago on Monday to spend a couple of days with them.  What a guy!  Just wish I had been able to be there as well.  We’re hoping to be able to spend a couple of weeks in the states in June…just got to see how it all comes together.



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  1. Hey you should totally come to congress!  How fun would that be?!  For vacation afterward Jonathan and I are going to Puerto Rico.  How awesome is that!  June will be an awesome month of my life for sure. 

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