Random Thoughts…..

Haitian “cowboys” walk cattle along the “national highway” from Les Cayes to Port-au-Prince, a distance of about 125 miles which takes them eight days.

What did Jesus teach the disciples during the 40 days after the resurrection?  And why wasn’t it recorded for us?

And why didn’t Jesus tell them who they should select to replace Judas, if they were supposed to do that?

Matthew did a great job helping me make the pizzas tonight for the first time.

I just learned that the oldest person alive will turn 115 today on my birthday.  She was 64 when I was born!

Baby things are so cute!  I paused on my walk today to watch two goat twins interact with their mother, who was trying to wean them, butting them away when ever they tried to nurse.  Tough love!  🙂  Even the baby ducks at Bethany are cute.

We’re working on our vacation plans and Matthew and I will probably be in the states for two weeks June 24 – July 11.  Hoping to spend some of that time in NC with my parents and some of it in the WPB, FL area with other relatives.

Savary could not get an appointment for the US VISA (first available appointments weren’t until July…after the Music Conservatory.  It might be possible for him to be invited for next year.  They will re-evaluate this new venture in July and will get back to us.

The French word for pen is not “plume” as I learned.  It is “stylo”.




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