Sally and Sam go to Sunday School


Interesting e-mails….I have now received e-mails from three corps (Kearny, NE, Mitchell, SD and Columbia, IN) about a contest to see how many Sunday Schools the paper Jr. Soldiers, Sally and Sam can visit.  With the e-mail was an attached picture of Sally and Sam that you were supposed to print out and then take to Sunday School.  So on April 6th, we all went to SS…here is what we reported back to the three corps….

Fond-des-Negres is located in the middle of the southern peninsula of Haiti in a broad valley between two mountain ranges.  A lot of the people are subsistence farmers and now is planting season for corn and beans.  This is one of the first locations for The Salvation Army in Haiti, which began in 1950.  Here in Fond-des-Negres The Salvation Army has a corps, a children’s home for about 35 children, a primary school and Bethel Clinic.
Our corps has an attendance of around 200 people.  For Sunday School we divide up into four classes: Adults, Teens, Primary and Pre-Primary.  We don’t really have class rooms so one group meets in the front of the chapel and one in the back, one meets in the smaller, former corps building that we now use for a youth hall, and one meets on benches outside. 
Junior Soldiers in Sunday School class
This past Sunday, for the morning meeting, the young people from The Salvation Army Bethany Children’s Home were responsible for the meeting.  They lead the meeting, read the scripture, performed four special numbers, collected the offering and prayed.   Mrs. Capt. C., the officer in charge of Bethany, gave the message on God’s forgiveness, based on Psalm 51.  About 20 people came forward to kneel at the end of the service, with many more people kneeling at their seats.
Katiana leading the meeting
Also in attendance Sunday were students from The Salvation Army Primary School.  The 6th grade class sang two songs in the meeting.  There are about 500 students at the school and each week a different grade is in attendance at the corps, along with their teachers.
Sally and Sam enjoyed being a part of such a lively, youth-oriented Sunday in Haiti 


Matthew, far right with Paper Sam


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  1. What a cute group!  Matthew’s smile makes me smile….something I haven’t been doing much lately!  Thank you for the prayers – keep ’em coming and give that little guy a big squeeze for me!!!  Blessings!

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