Three times in one week!!!!

This has probably been a record for us…three times to the beach in one week!  It started last Sunday when I requested for my birthday to pick up food and go to the beach following church with just our family and the boy we’ve been caring for in the clinic and our friend, Jonathon, from France.  It was a very nice, relaxed day, especially since we hadn’t been able to get to the beach in probably three months.


Jonathon, Sylvestre and Casimi

Then, I planned a bigger group (15 adults, 9 kids under 12) for this Saturday to celebrate Matthew’s 6th birthday on the 30th.  We invited some of the officer families from around us and each family brought one item on the menu.  I managed to pull the kids away from the water long enough to play two games: wheelbarrow races (which they had never done before) and “Bury a Kid in the Sand” race.  I was going to do an “egg on the spoon” relay but it is so hard to explain these contests to children who have never done them and have never even done a relay race.  I decided not to compete with the sea that was calling them to come back.  Smart…very smart!  🙂




Birthday cake


Winners of the “Bury the Kid in the Sand” Contest

Then, today our Rotary Club had a training scheduled at the same beach.  They started at 10am and we explained that we would join them, in progress, as soon as church was finished.  It seems like they always plan activities for Sunday.  We worshiped at a corps on the way to the beach that finished around 11:30 and made it there by noon.  Felix and I started attending the Rotary Club in September and today was our induction.  It is a challenge with everything being in Creole.  They had a joke-telling time while the food was being distributed and even with us putting our heads together we couldn’t quite figure them out.  But, the fellowship is sincere and we are looking forward to contributing to the development of our club, which is only a year or so old.  Right now we are putting a proposal together that will be presented at the District meeting in the Bahamas next month.  If it is picked up by another club, we will be able to provide baby formula for babies of HIV infected mothers to prevent the transmission of the virus from mother to child.


Finally getting our Rotary pins….now no excuses if we come to the meeting without one!


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  1. Congrats on the rotary!!  Don’t blame the kids….it looks so inviting!!  Happy Belated Birthday!!! 

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Violet, happy birthday to YOU! 
    Have you heard from Blythe yet? 

    Glad you got to the beach…looks fun!

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