Hope this finds you well and doing what pleases God today.
Matthew had a very good birthday today.  We made cookies for his class and his teacher ended up giving him a little party.  When I went for him, he was sitting at the front of the class in the teacher’s chair, drinking a big soda and eating all kinds of snacks.  She even sent a bunch home with him.  One of his school friends came over and they played with Matthew’s “machines” (what they call all motor vehicles, easier than having to say cars, trucks, planes, buses, etc).  I arranged for them to go on a short horseback ride and then Matthew got to go play at Bethany while we went to a Rotary meeting. 
When we got home he couldn’t wait to open his gifts.  He asked,  “Can I sing “Happy Birthday, to me!”? (so that he could open his gifts). When I told him sure but that he still needed to be patient since I was warming up supper, he said, “I’m a little patient!”   He got two more “machines” (an airplane and a car (from Cousin Ray) which both have flashing lights and make noise — until the batteries finish) and a BIG bag of M&M’s.  We had a small piece of cake left over from his Saturday party and it just barely held his six candles.  With them that close together he had no problem blowing them out!
So, our 5 yr old is gone….I’m looking forward to what year six has in store for us.


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  1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by. You must have searched Xanga for the name “Rotary!” To answer your questions, our club is a medium sized one, and our members are a bit younger than the average club in the district.  We have good experience in getting new members by doing Rotary’s work and by word of mouth, they want to be a part of it.  Kind of like that older movie, Field of Dreams’ motto, “If you build it, they will come.”  Besides the usual local scholarships and good works in our comunity, we have an ongoing relationship with a program in Nicaragua that promotes literacy and another in Ghana where a school is building a well for a safe water supply.  With the slowdown in the economy, our incoming officers are concerned about the health of our fundraisers and may have to scale back this coming year.  Always new challenges.  Good luck with your endeavors and with Rotary, I hope your membership in Rotary lasts a long time.

  2. I am so sorry that I missed Matthew’s birthday – just now getting round to reading subscriptions, etc.  I’m glad it was a good celebration for him!  I am sure he will have many, many wonderful memories. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATTHEW!!! And the beach – how nice for you!  I love the beach, too, but I prefer the mountains, which I miss terribly, being in this flat, flat area.  Glad you’re back online.  I hate being without internet – even at the office!  (lol).  I loved the pictures of the Flag Day celebration.  I remember making paper flags in elementary school, but no parades.  I only remember the 4th of July parades,  and Veterans Day parades which celebrated our country.  At Miss Katelyn’s old school they said the pledge of allegance before every event, but never at the school she attends now, which is weird because it si so culterally diverse, you’d think they would LOVE to say the pledge.  Oh well.  Blessings!

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