Photos from Matthew’s Birthday


Matthew and his school friend, Clavis on Mr. Fatra’s horse


Matthew’s cake ablaze with six candles with gifts waiting to be enjoyed.  He also got his much-desired dump truck today, thanks to visitors from the US who managed to pack one in their luggage.


Children from the SA children’s home in PAP enjoy “our” beach with their 7 US visitors.  They invited us to join them and how could we say no?  The waves were nice and gentle today making it perfect for the children to splash and play.  When I left Antigua and the beautiful beach across the road from me,  I didn’t know if I would be anywhere near a nice beach in my Haiti appointment.  God already knew what He created only 30 minutes from the clinic.  Awesome!


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  1. Truly, how can you say no to a wading in the ocean?!  You description of the birthday festivities sounds perfect!  I’m going to subscribe to your site and follow your postings.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow

  2. Beautiful pictures and thanks for your comment as well. Hope you got thru to Ft Lauderdale and someone can help

  3. Looks like he enjoyed his ride, I have a photo just like that from when I was his age. The pony belonged to the daughter of the local hardware store/farm and she had brought it over a friend’s for rides on his birthday.  One never forgets those good times.
    Sorry for the delayed response, as I was away for a RI District Conference the weeked before Mother’s Day and spent the week afterward catching up.  One website I have found helpful when I wanted to know how other clubs functioned, shepparded a project or overcame a challenge is:
    “RI discussion forums offer participants an international forum to share knowledge and ideas.” There are over twenty different forums you can access by one click!
    And in looking it up so I could send you the link, I checked out one again, too.

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