Going “Cold Turkey”!

Boy have I gotten used to having internet connection 24/7!  On Wednesday, May 7 our company’s technicians came to install our new modem since somehow someone had gained access to our account information and was stealing our service.  When the technicians left it was working well, although not through our server but the next day, no connection.  After being on the phone with the office support for over thirty minutes of “try this, try that”, etc. it was decided that the new modem needed to go back to PAP to be checked.  So from 5/7 until 5/16 we had no connection at all.  I made one emergency trip to the cybercafe in town (blessed there…we used to have to drive 30 min to the nearest one) and spent 1½ hours sending urgent reports and making copies of everything in our inbox.

Fortunately, they were able to come out yesterday, install a bigger satellite dish and get us up and running again.  PTL!  Now to be able to get caught up on all the news.


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  1. Your welcome, I had fun being the sender instead of the recipient of a care package.  I can also relate to your post, we had terrible Internet trouble in Jamaica.  We couldn’t get any service because we lived out of town.  I finally bought a satellite system the week before we found out we were coming home.  We had it for about six weeks total.  I sold it back to the guy I bought it from and his check bounced.  My THQ wouldn’t cover it so now I’m out $1900US.
    Have fun at Commissioning.  We sent the graduating cadets a new songbook w/ NT and their name engraved in it.  Give our regards to each of them as well as Persha and Pierre.  Tell Peter-Gaye that my girls miss her.

  2. Good to hear you have access.
    Yes, our DHQ is in downtown LA (right down the street from the Staples Center where the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, and Kings play).  Our quarters is a little ways away and the 15 mile commute averages 30 min – 1 hour (LA traffic).

  3. I am so relating to the comments on Internet.  Our greatest struggle here in Jamaica is keeping in touch with people because the internet service is soooooo unreliable.  My Son attends school on the Internet and we have been without internet so often that we are worried he won’t graduate to the next year of schooling.  He is trying to catch up but the end is in sight and we still will go weeks without.  Anyway, we will be at Commissioning.  I am a teacher at SFOT (ESL, actually) and wouldn’t miss it for the world.  I would love to be able to meet up with you and have a person to match to the picture.  Maybe we can get together and have a good old fashioned American BBQ while you are on holiday.  Blessings on your day, CLC

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