(I was going to start this out by praising www.thefreedictionary.com , my mainstay in looking up words, checking pronouciations (it even talks to me) and finding out even the most obscure information….but it let me down on “oopsidaisy”…did I spell it right?)

Ok, back to the point of this entry…..This morning, our 7th anniversary started out pretty good.  I got up early enough and with Felix’s help in the kitchen I had time to go to our roof sitting area to do my devotions.  After taking Matthew to school, I decided that I really should get in my 20 min morning walk (I got on the scale Sunday afternoon and really didn’t like what I saw).  Well, about 5 minutes into my walk a little girl of about 2 yrs. called out to me and I greeted her.  I did a double take ’cause it looked like she was riding a small bike.  While I was looking back, I misstepped, twisted my foot and down I went!  I got up, brushed myself off while those around expressed their concern.  Amazingly enough, my good friend, Savary (the one who was supposed to go to the states this summer) was passing on his motorcycle and stopped immediately.  Wisely, I decided that my walk was over and accepted a “ruelib” (free ride) back to the clinic and his support upstairs to our appartment.

I moved my office to my bed and have been able to keep my foot elevated much of the day.  Felix has been helpful, quickly finding some crutches, getting me an ice pack and fielding the many questions at the door.  I’ve had offers of various remedies ranging from a rub down of sour oranges and salt, to pulling it into place to blood letting!  I decided instead to go to www.mayoclinic.com and followed their advice on treating a sprained ankle.  My only concern is that I might have broken some bones in my foot like I did a couple of years ago.  So, if it doesn’t improve in 48 hours I guess I’ll consider getting an x-ray.

Matthew’s main concern is how I’m going to be able to go through the airports to grandmother’s house with my crutches.  That would indeed be a BIG challenge with a six year old and carry-on luggage and a child booster seat.  Since we won’t be doing that until June 11th, I’m hoping that I will be all better by then.  Please pray to that end.


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  1. I’m so sorry! If it isn’t healed by the time you leave for the states please make sure you tell the airline that you need help! All that walking would not be good for you unless it was completely healed. At least the airline could provide a wheelchair or a ride.

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