Haiti National Vaccination Campaign

Last week the Health Department mobilized forces to go to all the area schools and vaccinate all the children against Measles, German Measles and Polio.  Our clinic staff was heavily involved in our area and notes were sent home with all the school children alerting the parents.  I questioned our staff as to whether Matthew needed to be involved since all his shots were up-to-date but was told that all the children would be vaccinated, shot record or no shot record.  I had heard that children are notorious for being absent the day of a vaccination campaign but I checked the attendance and most of the children were there.  The teachers came to the vaccination area with their class lists and individual cards were prepared for the children indicating what shots were given.  Fortunately,the two measle vaccines were combined and the polio vaccine was an oral vaccine so the children only had to get one injection.

Matthew gave more trouble than most of the children, who calmly presented their arms and hardly even winced.  I was so impressed and amazed.  Matthew did ok once they actually secured him into position.  I went to give him moral support but I think my presence actually made it worse.  I, of course, was the only parent present.  Enjoy the “shots” from the day!


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  1. Bless his heart, shots are no fun.  Kudos to him for making it through, what a brave young man.  I am proud of him.  That is a good thing that there was only one vaccination, I could not imagine having to watch all the kids get more than one.  One is enough:)
    I hope you are well.  Blessings.  Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  SHALOM

  2. How’s your ankle?  Bless his little heart!  My son used to get himself so worked up over just a finger stick that it was hilarious!  Take care!!!

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