Dear Xanga Family!

I just wanted to let you know the progress that we have made on our trip.

We had a late start out of FDN on Tuesday evening but were still able to get a couple things taken care of before we slept. Our flights went out of PAP at 8 (Felix) and 9 (Matthew and I) and we made these with a little time to spare.  Felix was blessed with a delayed flight from Santo Dom. to Antigua that enabled him to make his connection. His flights were at two separate airports, an hour taxi ride between!!!  The SA in Ft. Lauderdale picked Matthew and me up and took good care of us, even taking us to  Payless to replace Matthew’s sandals that broke at the airport and to the post office to ship a damaged laptop to Joe.

M&I arrived in Kingston by 11:30am and Felix from Antigua around 1:30pm.  Tonight was the farewell meeting for the second year cadets.  It was good to see so many officers that we have met over the years as well as my sessionmates, Gary and Karen, who are finishing up their 3 yr term here in Kingston.

Well, we are really tired and need to get to bed.  Take care! Love you!  Violet


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