St. Ann’s Bay & Ocho Rios

Vacation continues to go well, a good amount of rest, fellowship with friends we haven’t seen for 8 years and a chance to enjoy the beauty of Jamaica.  We traveled on Monday with Persha and Pierre and their very cute little girl Peta-Gaye across the island from Kingston (on the southeast shore) to St. Ann’s Bay (on the north shore).  We drove through beautiful Fern Gully and then along the shore by Ocho Rios, a very popular tourist destination.  Persha and Pierre are in charge of three corps, one of which has a “Basic School” (pre-school/kindergarten) with 120 students in 6 classes.  Persha had been my corps officer back in Antigua and it was while in Jamaica for her wedding in ’98 that Felix suggested “we change the direction of our relationship”.  We had fun catching up on old times, playing Skip-bo and dominos, going out for ice cream and going to Dunn’s River Falls.

Ocho Rios


Felix and his SA salut!!!


Matthew and Peta-Gaye making sand sea turtles.

DSCF1996 DSCF1995

Beautiful Dunn’s River Falls….A group beginning the climb…..about half way up.  I did this in ’88….Interestingly enough, we saw the staff scrubbing the boulders with metal brushes at the end of the day.  I’ve always wondered why they were more slipperey than they are.


Violet, Pierre, Persha & Felix with Peta-Gaye and Matthew in front at St. Ann’s Bay Corps


The children enjoying their ice cream snack break……Peta-Gaye in the 3 yr old class coloring the number “2”


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  1. WE really enjoy playing Skipbo in our house, too! I didn’t know there were many other people out there who had even heard of the game!

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