The Results of my Medical Check-up….

Everytime I’m in the US I have the priviledge of getting my medical check-ups…medical, dental, optical…all that fun poking and proding.  Well, while I was at it I decided that maybe I should have my foot/ankle checked out since it was still giving me a little trouble going down stairs and when I got up after sitting for awhile.  I was able to get the x-rays done and I knew there was a problem when my doctor’s office had already called and left a message on our machine before we even got home.  So, it was back in the car and off to the orthopedic’s office. 

An hour and too many dollars later I left with my left foot encased in this knee-high black plastic, foam and velcro “boot” walking “splint” that I’m supposed to wear 24/7 for the next 4 weeks!    I don’t really get it…I mean I’ve been walking on it for 6 weeks already, but apparently there is a small bone on the outer side of my foot that I broke in the fall in May that is not healing.  They hope that the added support will give the bone a chance to heal.  I’m supposed to get more x-rays in a month.

 So here I am, on vacation, traveling on the 8th with luggage and a six year old and a big walking boot.  At least I don’t have to use crutches.  You know how hard it is to carry anything with crutches??  God is good….all the time! 


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  1. I am so sorry to hear that you actually did break it – but glad there is something that can be done, inconvenient as it is.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation.  Blessings to you!

  2. Oh goodness!  I’ll be praying for you!  Blessings and have a great time anyway….boot and all!

  3. Welcome to middle age – or is it older age? I fell and broke my arm about 4 weeks ago too, then got an infection in all the scraped-up spots on my face. So glad you don’t need crutches! Will you be in Kansas City on vacation?

  4. I broke my ankle when we took our daughter to Guatemala in November – we met her birth mother and two sisters.  I walked on it for 8 days.  I didn’t want anything to spoil the trip that I dreamed about for 22 years.  I had tears in my eyes everytime I walked but I did it and we had a great trip.  When we got home I had it x-rayed.  I had a cast for 4 weeks and a huge brace for another 4 weeks.  I was so thankful when it was over.  Then two weeks later I fell and sprained the other ankle.  Now they both are really weak. I pray that your ankle will heal quickly – have a great vacation.  Lynette

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