Greetings not only from Haiti but also from Fond-des-Negres!

The saga of our travels continued when we arrived at the Ft. Lauderdale airport at 5:30 am for our flight back to Port-au-Prince on Friday to be told that Spirit had stopped flying there on Fridays so we couldn’t go until Saturday. Fortunately, we found this out at the curbside so Kevin, the guy who brought us, was able to wait while we confirmed that our names were on the list for the next day.  We went back to the SA Area Command in Ft. Lauderdale where we were staying and went back to bed.  We used the rest of the day to do some educaitonal activities (French reading, counting and sorting M&Ms, introduction to US coins) and then walked down to the SA Thrift Store where we got some great buys on books.  We watched some more TV while I finished up the packing.

It kind of felt like “Groundhog Day” when Kevin came by on Saturday morning and reloaded all our bags and we headed to the airport AGAIN.  We made it to the airport and on our flight with no problems at all.  I felt bad for other passengers who were informed, while standing in line, that unless they had checked their bags on line they would only be allowed ONE bag!  Now, what’s a person to do with all the rest of their stuff??  Very fortunately, I had paid for all four of our bags and they were all under the 50 lb weight limit, almost.

One glitch was somehow I got the arrival time wrong by two hours so when  I called Felix from the PAP airport, he was still on the road to PAP from FDN.  However, I was able to get a hold of the Div. Secretary who got in touch with the CO who came and got us.  We got keys to the apartment we use at the SA compound on Delmas 2 and Matthew and I crashed for a few hours until Felix came.  I was so deeply asleep that I was dreaming that my phone was ringing but when I found it, it was someone else’s phone…All the while, Felix was standing outside the apartment door trying to get our attention to let him in!  After three such calls I woke up and let him in.  Too funny!

We arrived here in FDN last night around 9 pm and got to bed by midnight…we were late to church but with services lasting 2 hours we still made it in time for a couple of songs and the sermon.  🙂  We are trying to readjust to no air conditioning, occassional power outages, having to pump the water, and no grocery store to just run to to get what we need.  Reality….. 

Now, we are trying to get psyched up for work tomorrow, to try to remember where we left off in all the financial work and get ready for a budget review at the end of the week.  Also we are supposed to be getting two sets of overseas visitors before month’s end regarding our hopes, plans, dreams for expanding our services here to more comprehensive medical treatment (kind of sort of like a hospital…but not a hospital since the SA doesn’t want to do any new hospitals….).

Pictures will come when I find the cable and get a moment to download and organize them.  Blessings!


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  1. I am glad you are back home safely.  I hope your holiday was great and that you were able to get some well deserved rest.  I continue to pray about the financial situation and for the hospital.  I am so jealous though, you got to spend time in Fort Lauderdale.  That was my first appointment.  I love Ft Lauderdale.  Such a wonderful place, we used to live in Plantation and that is where my firstborn was born.  We have many great memories from there:)
    Glad to hear that you are well.  Keep strong in His might and love.  May God richly bless you. 

  2. Reality always seems to hit hard when you first return.  But, then, adjust to things faster each time and pretty soon…you wonder how the rest of the world exists without the uncertainties of electric, water and such!  lol.   Glad to hear that you have returned safely.  I am sure that your trip was both restful and exhausting…but overall a blessed time.  Hope to see those pictures soon, but take your time and ease back into things.  Blessings, clc

  3. It was good to talk to you too! It was nice that we could both share some of the difficulties we’re going through. I appreciate your prayers, and promise mine in return. 🙂
    And no, nothing more about the Bible…except responses from wonderful people like you who really cared about it. 🙂

  4. Jesse is the DS for Milwaukee County and I’m the DS for the division.  Completely different work from anything I’ve ever done, but I’m enjoying it.  I think Jesse is, too, but I haven’t seen him lately to ask him.  He’s crazy busy!

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