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We have a Second Grader in the House!

After we left for vacation, the school distributed the report cards.  All of the first graders had to take their exams early because we had planned to travel before the exam time.  Actually, I had been told by his teacher back in March that the exams would be completed before we needed to leave to make the Commissioning ceremonies in Jamaica and I found out shortly before the exams were to start that the school director had changed those dates. 

They have no system here for giving individual students end-of-term exams and they base the entire terms marks on the exam results…so if Matthew didn’t sit for exams he would receive a zero for the term and might not have enough points to pass!  I was able to talk to the director and he decided, “a cause de Matthew”  “because of Matthew” ALL three first grade classes would take their exams early!!!  I felt bad for the teachers who had to quickly prepare for the exams but very glad they worked something out.

I had asked our corps officer to pick up Matthew’s report card.  Here’s the results:

Composition Française:             27/40

Sciences Sociales:                    29/40

Mathématiques:                        39/40

Composition Créole:                  20/40

Sciences Experimentales:        32/40

Total Average: 7.35   11th in a class of 34

Here the students shoot for at least an average of 5.0 and must have a year’s average of 5 to pass.  Matthew’s last two terms were over 7.0 so he will be starting 2eme année fondemental in September!  Hooray!!  Bravo, Matthew!



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  1. Yay Matthew(and Mom and dad) Yeah I havent posted as much as usual. been busy with one thing after another. Even for the summer when its suppose to be slow- it hasnt been. Will try to do better this week though. Have a great week

  2. Hip, hip, hooray for Matthew!  Big smile here.  I loved talking to him, even for a second and even while he was more interested in tv (I don’t blame him!).  It was great talking to you, too – I’m glad we at least had a phone conversation – looking forward to next time when you come to Chicago!!!

  3. Congratulations for Matthew—and his parents!  Looks like his speciality is math.  Perhaps you are raising a future finance secretary.
    Always enjoy reading your posts.  Sorry I don’t take the time often enough to respond.  God bless you and your family as your minister in Haiti with love and sacrifice.

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