You know that it is summer in Haiti when the cold-water showers finally feel great!!  And it’s definitely summertime.

After a week of having Matthew in the house or pawned off on some saintly person, I found out that his kindergarten teacher is giving lessons at TSA school where Matthew attends.  YAY!!!  So, Tuesday, we made our way across the street to register him for next year and make arrangements with Mme Yvonne to take Matthew on.  This was the first time I’ve been out of the clinic walking with my “boot”.  Aside from the many stares from the patients and neighbors and the slight gravely decline going into the school compound, I made it there and back without any problems.  Today was his first day and by the looks of his handwriting in his “copy” book, not a moment too soon!


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  1. I understand what you are saying exactly.  This morning, I was glad just to have a shower at all.  Glad to hear that you are getting out and staying mobile.  I am sure that it is good not only for your foot, but also for yourself.  Hope Matthew enjoys school! Blessings, clc

  2. I  sm striving to get my racewalking back a couple times of week. Just walking the dog  every day is not  cutting it so to speak so gotta find a consident time when I walk by myself.
    I am going to pick my Haitian friend from PC up tomorrow and she is staying a week (or almost a week) gotta have her make some Haitian food while she is here lol I know thats not on the diet but gotta take advantage of it while I can , lol
    Have a great week

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