I would like to ask you a question:

What convenience (item) would you NOT want to give up?


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  1. Does Walmart count? I lived w/o a washer/dryer, microwave, toaster and other kitchen appliances. I have dealt with terrible toilets, no heat or air conditioning and no mattress or car and seriously I missed Walmart the most 🙂 Is that bad?

  2. After 4 years in China, I’ve thought about this ALOT, as well as discussed it with others. I’m not counting “necessities” (although I realize those differ among people) so my convenience would be a hot shower/bath. I’ve lived without this before and it is not fun. Closely followed by a washing machine, although life without a dryer is easy. 🙂

  3. Electricity.  That is my number one can’t do without.  When we went for 4 weeks without it after the last Hurricane, I realized how important it was to our ministry.  Most of our work is done after dark.  When there is no light, there is no ministry. (Ooo, that’s a good sermon quote).  The generator is good to have, but gas goes quickly and it must be used for only necessities (like keeping the fridge working or the electric cooler (if no fridge). Right now, electric is soooo costly that we are drastically reducing our use of it and I realize how much more important it is to me than anything else.   

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